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Pug's Boutique and Thrift Shop

Welcome to jasnaNY online Pug’s Boutique.
The items shown here are a selection from the full set of items that we have at our regional meetings. All proceeds are used to support the various New York Metropolitan Region programs. Thank you for your business. Enjoy!


  Pug's Boutique and Thrift Shop

So many copies, so little shelf space...

Knowing you are a Jane Austen enthusiast, your friends and family members have given you duplicates and triplicates of books, videos and assorted other JA items already in your collection. What’s a person to do with these extra copies? May I make a suggestion? Why not donate them to JASNA-NY? We would gladly accept your Jane Austen related merchandise. These items can then be sold at Pug’s Boutique or become the contents of future raffle baskets. Those slightly used items are most welcome as well!

Please contact Kerri Spennicchia at 212-396-2056 or at kspennic@ix.netcom.com should you wish to donate merchandise.

I am glad I bought my bonnet, if it is only for the fun of having another bandbox

Lydia - Pride and Prejudice