Regional Birthday Meeting

Noted American art historian Rena Tobey received a warm welcome from JASNA-NY members and guests at our annual Birthday Meeting held Saturday, December 11, 2021. She gave an invigorating and inspiring talk via Zoom entitled, “Landscapes as Political Documents: Art of Thomas Cole and the Hudson River School”. It included many examples and tips on closely “reading” landscape paintings of the era. The discussion featured early environmental concerns about the decline of the natural world as coded into Cole’s paintings as well as those of other Hudson River artists. We were delighted to welcome 130 registrants, including participants from around the USA, including New Hampshire, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, and California, as well as from Canada, Germany, Austria, England, and Ireland. We all toasted Jane’s 246th birthday together!

Dr. Tobey has taught at NYU and Southern Connecticut State University and conducts talks at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and community organizations. Learn more from her website,


-Michele Kling