The Influence of Jane Austen on Other Authors

The prompt for the December 2019 Birthday meeting was as follows:

Written in the style of a Trump Tweet from the perspective of Rev. Elton.

Mrs. Clay total loser

This spotty dog can’t hold onto her husband-so sad-good luck making a deal to marry William Elliot, freckle face.


Written in the style of Emily Dickinson from the perspective of Captain Benwick entitled “I Had a Lady That I Loved”.

I had a lady that I loved.

Who died while I was at sea

She had a brother, large of heart

Who said, come live with me!

I made some friends while down at Lyme

A wise young girl named Anne

I thought that I would make her mine

But now I’m Louisa’s man!


Written in the style of E.E. Cummings from the Poem 130 (The Glazings) from the perspective of Mr. Collins

The Glazings alone cost upward of silver gold diamonds

Impeccable state is much in evidence

at Rosings

I am much in awe

of you

Lady Catherine


Written in the style of Edward Lear about Lady Anne de Bourgh

There was a young lady at Rosings

Who spent her time on naps and dozings

To her room she did keep

In the time she spent on sleep

She avoided her Mom and her posings